Working Mums Making the Most of their Time this Ramadan

Working Mums Making the Most of their Time this Ramadan

Maintaining your family’s schedule throughout the year is challenging, and this can become even more challenging during the Holy Month of Ramadan. For Muslims, the Holy Month is the most glorious of the year and is accompanied by a renewed sense of consciousnesses and closeness to God. It’s a time for prayer, charity, and reflection, and of course, family. For working Moms, it means devoting extra time to prayer and good deeds as well as your regular obligations balancing your career, family life, and self-care. Being a parent is the most important job there is… and being a working mom can make it even more stressful! So, here are some suggestions to help you get ready for a happy and peaceful Ramadan.


Thinking about what you can prepare ahead of time…

Fasting and increasing the time you spend doing charity work demands extra focus and attention. A lot of preparation is vital so you can maintain your usual commitments as well… You need to deliver in your job while working fewer hours, handle shorter school days for your children, and ensure you’re ready to sit down as a family and enjoy a nutritious Iftar… It’s going to be a busy month! So, you need to get prepared. Don’t put it off, start thinking about it now. If there is anything on your to-do list that you’ve been avoiding – now is the time to get it done. Are there things you have in mind to do with your family during this time? You should also be thinking about your meal plans and how you can fit in some exercise.  


Scheduling and Timing are Everything!

Make the most of each day of the Holy Month by mapping out your daily routines ahead of time. Most Moms are excellent at time management and planning a schedule as part of your preparation will go a long way to save you even more time and effort. Think about how you can arrange your priorities for the month… How much time will you need to prepare Iftar and Suhoor? How much time will you and your family spend watching TV or using social media? When can you exercise in a safe way? When will you host or visit relatives or friends? Choose your activities in order of importance and give them exact times. Write it down and put it somewhere the whole family can see it, so everyone knows what’s expected of them!    


If you’re well prepared and have a schedule that includes work, family, worship, and social commitments, you will likely have a more enjoyable Ramadan. It also means the time won’t just rush by and you will remain healthy and stress-free while you and your loved ones enjoy getting closer to Allah.     

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