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Sublime Nursing is a home nursing center that prides itself on following the guidelines and procedures laid out by Dubai Health Authority, as well as adhering to our own company's code of conduct. Sublime Nursing offers mother, baby and child care programs tailor to suit your needs, as well as elderly care programs, hotel nursing, travel nursing and professional nanny coaching.

What our clients say

I do not have a support system here in Dubai as my family all reside overseas. Your service allowed me to heal and get better (after the C section) I managed to get rest, go back to the gym, enjoy my newborn baby and go back to work
Kinda Al Salaam, mother of two
I consider myself as supremum because I have the help of the super Nurses from Sublime Nursing! Having a toddler and a full-time job is challenging but our wonderful nurse is very professional and I know my little one is safe and happy at home.
Sam Leyton, Working mum
I requested a nurse from Sublime Nursing who started working with our family when our daughter Inara was born in Jan 2013. She was a godsend for me. She was diligent, responsible, caring and a pleasure to have around our family.
Suki Mehdi, Mother of Inara
I usually don’t write reviews however my very pleasant experience with Sublime customer service and the amount of care, knowledge and professionalism I encountered from Nurse Camille made me wanting to express my gratitude to her efforts in looking after my mother during her visit to Dubai, which made my mother’s visit a very happy and memorable one.
William Thomas, Happy Son
You guys have earned a big fat five star review from me, and you know how difficult I am when it comes to my family. My twin boys are very happy and content, sleeping through the night at the age of five months, I am eternally grateful to you.
Imran Rameez, Father to twin Boys
Being a first time mum and a twin mum wasn't something I was taught or prepared for. Our lovely Sublime nurse, Mary Ann, literally saved us. The minute she came into our home everything just fell into place.
Katrina, Mum of Twins, Scarlet and Sienna
I wouldn't have survived the last year without the help from Cecile, Maria and Jackie. They have been a great support and I will forever be grateful for their kind and caring attitudes towards the twins and I.
Natalie Crampton, mum of twin Eden & Myles
I would like to thank Sublime Home Nursing for sending a very professional nurse, who knew how to provide me with the necessary care to help me recover from my lower back surgery operations, which required thorough care around the clock and continuous attention to details and medical routine. Thank you Sublime
Angela Avgerinos, Recovered Patient
Professional leading nurse and best quality care company
Nahid, Daughter of an Elderly Father
I have been using Sublime for the last year to help support me with my twin boys and all I can say is every nurse that has come to us has been exceptional. Rachel Ann has been exceptionally professional, confident , so playful and loving with our boys. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment knowing she is there with them. Rachel is always there to give sound advice and support whenever we are changing the boys’ routine or going through a fussy phase. She is an absolute delight and we have loved every minute of having her with us.
Maryam Kazmi, mother of twins
Thank you SUBLIME NURSING for helping us raise our boy and for relieving me of stress associated with new born babies. I specifically want to recognize our nurse, Cecilia, who took care of our baby better than I could have for the first 4 months.
Nadine Kabbani, Mum of 2 boys
booked a nurse from sublime after breaking my both arms as a result of slippery floor in my building parking. Ana looked after me for a month and became a great friend. Their service is impeccable, highly recommended.
Jane Camille, Satisfied Client
I underestimated how hard coming home with twins would be. Thankfully Sublime Nursing gave me the help and peace of mind I desperately needed. I was able to have some precious sleep and know that my girls were in safe hands. Thank you to the ladies who helped me so very much.
Vanessa, Mother of twins, Sofia and Stefanie
Our Nurse, Karen, has been exceptional. She is warm, friendly and extremely experienced with our new born babies. We trust her immensely and so sad that our time has ended. We started out with one month contract and ended up extending for another six months! We highly recommend the service.
Mikele Aujan, twins boys' mother
We used the service on several occasions and I have to say I couldn't be happier professional but friendly nurses, great service and super- efficient staff. Highly recommend them.
Nancy, Mother of 2
Thank you Sublime nursing for the best care that you continue to provide to our little boy. From head nurse who is very very organised and efficient to the wonderful nurses Rowena, Gienette and Philia.
Mrs Dustan, mum of two boys
Sublime is a perfect solution for someone with no family around, who doesn't want a full time nanny yet but needs part time help. I’ve booked them 3 times this month while I attended work meetings and try to get organised for our UK trip soon..yay!!
Kim, Mother of two boys
Claire was so lovely and kind with our daughter. She made the Feber method much easier to handle than if I tried alone. Thanks to Claire our daughter now sleeps through the night and eats her food with much confidence on her own. We are so grateful to Claire.
Sarah, Proud Mum of a Toddler
From the second Ginette arrived, we have been at ease and comfortable with all that she does to look after our son. Our lives has been calmer and we can now enjoy our regular "date nights" again.
Kara, Mum of Wyatt
We are so blessed to have Maria in our lives who looks after our aging father with utmost care and professionalism. We can now. We can now live our lives knowing that our father is in good hands.
Fatima, Dubai
I can not be more grateful to Sublime, taking care of twins is very tough for me however with the help of such professional nurses, my life has quickly returned to normal. I can now have a good night sleep, going out with my husband and spend time with my eldest son with peace of mind.
Lama Alem, Blogger Lamastylist
Sublime Home Nursing has always been my go to, for any kind of help I need with my two little boys. Apart from being professional, licensed and efficient, the most important reason that I always return to them would be the fact that their nurses always try to encourage my boys to learn something like how to walk, count and read books. They are surely the best I have ever hired.
Saba Shoaib, Thebeautybarbysaba

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