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Premier Home Care Nursing Services in Dubai

Sublime Nursing is a home nursing center that prides itself on following the guidelines and procedures laid out by Dubai Health Authority, as well as adhering to our own company's code of conduct. Sublime Nursing offers mother, baby and child care programs tailor to suit your needs, as well as elderly care programs, hotel nursing, travel nursing and professional nanny coaching.

What our clients say

“I do not have a support system here in Dubai as my family all reside overseas. Your service allowed me to heal and get better (after the C section) I managed to get rest, go back to the gym, enjoy my newborn baby and go back to work
All the best to you, Kinda.
“I requested a nurse from Sublime Nursing who started working with our family when our daughter Inara was born in Jan 2013. She was a godsend for me. She was diligent, responsible, caring and a pleasure to have around our family.
Suki, Mother of Inara.
“Being a first time mum and a twin mum wasn't something I was taught or prepared for. Our lovely Sublime nurse Mary Ann literally saved us. The minute she came in to our home everything just fell into place.
Katrina, Mum of Twins, Scarlet and Sienna.
“Professional leading nurse and best quality care company”
“Thank you SUBLIME NURSING for helping us raise our boy and relieving me of stress associates with new born babies. I specifically want to recognize our nurse, Cecilia, who took care of our baby better than I could have for the first 4 months.
Nadine Kabbani, Mum of 2 boys.
“I underestimated how hard coming home with twins would be. Thankfully Sublime Nursing gave me the help and peace of mind I desperately needed. I was able to have some precious sleep and know that my girls were in safe hands. Thank you to the ladies who helped me so very much”.
Vanessa, Mother of twins, Sofia and Stefanie.
“We used the service on several occasions and I have to say I couldn't be happier professional but friendly nurses, great service and super- efficient staff. Highly recommend them”.
Nancy, Mother of 2.
“Sublime is a perfect solution for someone with no family around, who doesn't want a full time nanny yet but needs part time help. I’ve booked them 3 times this month while I attend work meetings and try to get organised for our UK trip soon..yay!!”

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