What we do

Mother, Baby and Child Care

Our nursing services have been extended to all aspects of the infant stages, which led us to develop our Mother, Baby and Child Care Program - for mums, new born babies, and for children of all stages of their development. Sublime Nursing’s role is to take away the stress for mothers, as well as Dads, and let them enjoy all aspects of bringing up their baby safely, in the knowledge that a trusted professional is just a phone call away. In terms of maternity care, Sublime Nursing provides you with safe and high quality of care from pregnancy to delivery of your newborn child. 

Sublime Nursing’s baby nurse will help establish a regular routine for your baby, organize and set up the nursery area, help with feeding, and make sure you are also nourished and  in the first few days of your return home from the hospital.

At Sublime Nursing, our baby nurse can show you how to deal with typical concerns, such as colic, excessive crying and reflux, mood swings, poor appetite, lack of sleep, any one of which can stress out a first-time mom.

In addition to being the go to person for support, comfort, reassurance and education, our baby nurses can also be an extra set of hands to handle any chores like packing the diaper bad, sterilizing bottles and assembling baby items. Our baby nurse will also brief your spouse before your baby arrives and explain what to expect when you come home from the hospital - and offer ways in which he can help you and baby.

Our maternity care program is provided on the basis of the physical and psychosocial needs of our clients, their entire family, and the newly born offspring. Whether your needs are for help during post-delivery, for setting sleep routines for your baby, or for older children- Sublime Nursing are here to help! At Sublime Nursing, we take pride in building trust with our clients. We aim to make your transition to parenthood, and beyond, as smooth as possible.

Sublime Nursing are there to provide you professional babysitting services when required.  We know how important it is to care for your child’s safety.  Sublime Nursing’s baby sitting and childcare team are fully qualified nurses, licensed by the Dubai Health Authority, each holding pediatric first aid and basic life support qualifications.

Our childcare and maternity nurses provide second to none babysitting services, ensuring your child has excellent care and support in his or her own home environment.

Whether you’re a Dubai resident or just in town for a few days, our childcare nurses will serve your needs.

Every baby nurse at Sublime Nursing keeps a detailed log-book of all your infant’s activities and developments, can even stay in touch with you throughout the babysitting sessions. Rest assured, you will be updated about your child upon request. 

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