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Mother, Baby and Child Care

Making Your Transition to Parenthood as Smooth and Enjoyable as possible

Sublime Nursing’s Mother, Baby and Child Care Program combines all stages of your child’s development focussing on mums, new born babies, toddlers, and children.  

We provide top quality maternity care, from the pregnancy stage to the delivery of your newborn baby. Our team of specialised nurses are all licenced and certified with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and hold pediatric first aid and basic life support qualifications. 

Trust us to provide support and experience so mums and dads can enjoy all aspects of bringing up their child happily and safely, knowing that professional help is only ever a phone call away. 

Our baby nurses can help establish a regular routine for your baby, attending to its vital environmental and nutritional needs and explaining and demonstrating everything to you in the days following your return home from the hospital. They will also show you how to handle common concerns, such as colic, excessive crying and reflux, mood swings, poor appetite, or lack of sleep. 

Our Maternity Care program is tailored to the unique physical and psychosocial needs of our clients, their families, and their newborn babies, whether you need help during post-delivery, setting sleep routines for your baby, or with older children.  

Our childcare and maternity nurses also provide professional babysitting services, ensuring your child has excellent care and support in his or her own home environment. So, whether you’re a UAE resident or just visiting for a few days, our childcare nurses can serve your needs. Our baby nurses will keep a detailed record of your infant’s activities and developments and communicate with you frequently throughout the care sessions so you can relax. 

The Sublime Nursing team are here to help you with all aspects of parenting, ease any stress and worry, and ensure your child is safe, healthy, happy and content.

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