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Newborn Care

Comprehensive Newborn Care in Dubai 

Bringing a baby home can feel overwhelming. Many parents feel panicked at the thought of being totally responsible for this tiny person and can benefit from some support and an extra helping hands. Our experienced nurses are available to give mums and dads comprehensive support and guidance on providing for a newborn’s basic needs. These include but, not limited to:

  • Handling a newborn (including supporting the baby's neck)
  • Hygiene and safety (changing diapers, bathing, dressing, etc.)
  • Feeding (bottle- and breast-feeding support and burping techniques)
  • Cleaning the umbilical cord
  • Caring for a healing circumcision 
  • Tips and advice for soothing the baby
  • Sleep routine
  • Holistic approach to colic and gas issues
  • Digestion issues e.g. reflux


The support of a registered home nurse for few days, weeks or more, builds parents’ confidence and relaxes them into their new roles. 

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