Patient Rights

As a valued client to Sublime Nursing, you and your family have the rights described below:

1. Fully understand and practice all your rights – and if, for any reason, you don’t understand these rights, then it is your responsibility to provide the necessary help including providing an interpreter to explain it for you. You may have an interpreter (upon availability) if the language presents a barrier to understanding of your comprehensive care, provided by Sublime Nursing.

2. You will Receive care and respect of your personal values and beliefs from all Sublime Nursing staff without discrimination, according to DHA’s rules and regulations.

3. You will receive comprehensive care aiming at reaching proper management of your needs as per the requested service(s) provided by Sublime Nursing.

4. You will know the identity of the staff responsible for your care, provided by Sublime Nursing.

5. You will receive comprehensive information about your case, your care, proposed management, any alternative treatments, plus expected outcomes of care, advantages and disadvantages, possible problems and expected results of ignoring the treatment in a simple understandable manner.

6. You will give your written general, or informed consent for care service upon initiating a care service provided by Sublime Nursing.

8. You will participate in your care decision-making. Sublime Nursing encourages parents or legal guardians to participate in their planning and implementation of any proposed care provided by Sublime nurses.

9. You will obtain a discharge summary upon discharge from care, once you have completed your care services.

10. You will expect privacy during the performance of all examinations, procedures, and any treatment, and Sublime Nursing will maintain confidentiality of all your information that you have provided.

11. You can refuse the care service, and Sublime nurses will inform you of the consequences of your refusal. Accordingly, you will need to sign a form with your decision.

12. You will be protected during care from any physical, verbal or psychological assault.

13. You will receive complete explanation of causes to be transferred to another healthcare centre , consequent obligations (financial and administrative) and alternatives. Then, Sublime Nursing management will make all the necessary arrangements to obtain the alternate medical centre’s approval to receive the referred patient before starting the transfer process.

14. You will receive , upon your request , an itemized bill explaining all charges paid by yourself or by other parties.

15. You have the right to suggest and complain on any of Sublime Nursing services through filling a complaint form, or by communicating with Sublime Nursing management.

16. You have the right to get appropriate assessment and management of pain through well-known therapies and to get all necessary information to this regard.

17. Sublime Nursing is committed to provide terminally ill and palliative patients with compassionate care, respecting their individual requirements, as per DHA’s regulations, and as per our values and ethics.


As a valued client to Sublime Nursing, you and your family have the responsibilities described below:

1. To respect Sublime Nursing’s rules and regulations.

2. To show consideration for others and deal with Sublime Nursing staff with respect.

3. To provide Sublime Nursing with complete and accurate information about your complaints, past medical records, and any known drug allergy.

4. To follow Sublime Nurses’ instructions, so that they can provide the best care for you and your loved ones.

5. To hold the responsibility for refusing, or not abiding by the care plan, after being informed about potential consequences of your decision.

6. To ensure that any financial obligations due for Sublime Nursing are fulfilled promptly by you (if any).


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