Mother, Baby and Child Care

Professional Nanny Coaching

You may have helpers at your home who may require special skills on how to handle your child/ren. Our program will give you and your helper training and confidence in order to understand your child’s needs. We all know that it is hard to get the family support we would like, while living away from them. Sublime Nursing has developed an in-house training program for your helper to develop their child care skills. More than 200 hours of instructional material has been developed and implemented using American and British best practice guidelines, to ensure that you have a reliable and confident home nanny. You may be a working mother, traveling for work, or you simply need someone to keep an eye on your children while you do other chores. At Sublime Nursing, we can give you this support by training your nanny. Our team at Sublime Nursing will be prepared to provide training in the following:

  • Basic child development
  • Helping children with transitions: separation anxiety, sleeping, potty-training and starting school
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication and interaction with children
  • Positive discipline
  • Hygiene and safety around the house
  • Learning through play
  • CPR and Safety Certification 
  • Nutrition
  • Proper supervision; cyber safety for children, allocating limited times on devices, etc..