Elderly Care

Post-Operative Care & Recovery

Longer stays in hospital can often have a negative impact on a patient’s health. They can quickly lose mobility, the ability to do everyday tasks and frequently suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues as a result. Keeping people in hospital longer than necessary also places a huge financial and operational burden on patients and their family members. Our ‘Post- Operative & recovery Care’ Program identifies and addresses the negative impact for patients to avoid them staying too long in hospital.

Our home nursing services cater for patients in a timely and safe manner, and supports the hospitals by providing a solution to rest at home, while being treated as if they are still in hospital, through our home nurses. The Sublime team will meet a patient and their family in hospital, to help arrange their discharge; from initial assessment, to planning their care and arranging transport from the hospital to their home. Once home, the patient will receive the unique Sublime Post-Discharge support package, which includes a comprehensive suite of assessments and recovery program, tailored to their individual requirements, all overseen by our Sublime Nurse.

This means that the physical needs of patients can be dealt with on each call, but crucially that the social element of the call is not lost, and that adequate time to monitor emotional wellbeing is taken. All data, including patient assessments, risk assessments, visit notes and feedback forms, are recorded, to provide proper supervision and monitoring on the patient’s health.