How to be a great caregiver to your elderly parents

How to be a great caregiver to your elderly parents
  • 23 Dec 2018
  • Sublime Nursing
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A parent plays many important roles in a child's life.

From teaching them how to walk and ride a bike, to helping them get into college and raise children of their own, they are a source of guidance all along. With time, as children get older and parents age, these roles demand a reversal. Becoming a parental figure to your own elderly parents is not easy, however, it is one challenging reality we need to adapt to at some point in our lives.

Understanding some common issues that an elderly face, can be a great place to start. First off, senior parents are at an increased risk of medical issues since they are aging. Add to that, debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's and Dementia require serious health care attention. Then there is loneliness to deal with, due to the loss of spouse or living away from kids. Death of friends and acquaintances in similar age groups can also cause isolation. One would also agree that the majority of old people are 'set in their ways'. As a result, they often find it difficult to adjust to significant events in later life such as retirement, leaving home and critical health setbacks.

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