How to Choose Your Child's Nursery System

How to Choose Your Child's Nursery System

nursery school is a school for little children usually between the ages of three and five years – it provides educational play rather than simple childcare under the supervision of professionally trained staff. 

Choosing the right kind of institute where your child is meant to receive his early years of education can be a difficult task for parents but they have to choose wisely as it’s going to have an impact on your child - for years to come

Parents need to consider a lot of factors while hunting for their child’s nursery. Each child and each family is different. You need to consider your options based on location, price and your child’s needs.

Finding the best childcare in Dubai can feel overwhelming when you have so many options out there.


The first question parents should ask themselves whether they want to choose EYFS, Montessori, High Scope or others. When visiting nursery parents should look for evidence of the curriculum application. Timetable and goals for each child should be visible to parents. Before we dig further - let’s have a basic understanding of how these curriculums work: 


1) EYFS Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a curriculum that is commonly used in UAE’s schools. This curriculum is also used in the UK. It has 7 different areas of learning and development which are,

  1. Physical development
  2. Communication and Language Development
  3. Literacy Development
  4. Mathematics
  5. Understanding the World
  6. Expression through Arts and Design
  7. Personal, Emotional and Social Development

Benefits of EYFS Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum majorly emphasize on

  • Children Learn to Communicate and Language is Developed
  • They are Encouraged to Socialize and Deal with Issues on their Own
  • Physical Development is Also Considered Essential

2) Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori Method of education is based on Doctor Maria Montessori’s scientific observations about how children learn as they grow – it is an integrated approach where diverse concepts are presented across the curriculum. 

The Montessori Curriculum covers 5 key learning areas which are,

  1. Practical Life
  2. Sensorial
  3. Mathematical
  4. Language
  5. Culture

Sometimes, also covering Health and Wellbeing, Science, Geography, School Readiness, and the Arts. 

Benefits of Montessori Curriculum

Experts reveal the benefits of choosing Montessori Curriculum for your child,

  • Entrepreneurial Skill-Set is Developed Since Childhood
  • The Environment of the Classroom Teaches them How to be Disciplined
  • Follow-the-Child Approach for the Children with Special Needs

3) High-Scope Educational Research Foundation Curriculum

The theory behind High-Scope Curriculum is based on two factors that are Researched Based and Child Focused – a carefully designed process known as ‘active participatory learning’ to achieve powerful and long-term positive outcomes – educating our preschoolers.

It is one of the widely adopted pre-school curriculum. Children follow this curriculum which covers 5 dimensions of readiness,

  1. Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
  2. Language Development through Rhymes and Story Reading
  3. Social Skills
  4. Learning Work Habits
  5. Scientific Reasoning and Understanding the Physical World Around through Arts and Music

Benefits of High Scope Educational Research Foundation Curriculum

According to a study, some of the visible benefits that have been studied in children who learn through High-Scope approach

  • Promotes Physical Development
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills are Developed
  • Social Skills are Developed Promoting Independence and Increasing Confidence

Some nurseries may choose a more structural approach while others may be focusing more on play-based learning – sometimes the same curriculum would be offered by them both. 

Experts reveal some of the major factors to consider while choosing a child care institution must include,

Learning Environment

The environment of the nursery school should be inviting and welcoming for the child – The nursery should be able to provide a comfortable space which should be child-friendly - focusing on educational activities for the kids. 

It should not be too cluttered instead the environment should provide opportunities for the kids and spark interest. 

The main spotlight should be on the health and safety of the child – indeed, the fundamental factors needed to be considered by parents while choosing a nursery for their child. In this regard, the role of the caregiver staff should also be considered by the parents as the children are entirely dependent on the school staff without any parental supervision.

Parents should make should if the nursery school they are choosing is licensed by the authorities – the owner of the nursery should be a UAE national. It is a must requirement by the authorities to open the nursery either at ground floor or first floor – making sure the little children can reach their classrooms easily.

Teachers and Staff

The staff of the nursery plays an important role in your child’s education. Take a tour of the nursery at their busiest times of the day, when the teachers are fully involved with the kids.

The teachers’ attitudes towards the kid's matter as much as their qualification and experience. Dedicated teachers know about each child’s needs and learning readiness.

Tuition Fees and Operational Hours

The value should be majorly considered not just price. Parents should look out for remarkable value in terms of enriched learning. Tuition fee is dependent largely on how many hours you choose. Main morning, early morning and afternoon programs are offered – all of them are credited differently. You should look out for the hours according to your own preference. 


Lastly, your child’s early year’s education is going to stay with them for the rest of their lives. So the nursery selection decision should be made wisely considering all possible factors involved. Choose a nursery where your kids feel safe and welcome. 


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