Enjoy the Experience of Being a New Mum this Festive Season

Enjoy the Experience of Being a New Mum this Festive Season
  • 23 Dec 2018
  • Sublime Nursing
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Are you a new mum? It may be the case that you are not aware of the exact treatment post-delivery for yourself and your new born baby. If you are a working parent then it further becomes mandatory to have someone at home who can take special care of your baby, while you are on work from home. Whether confined to bed, physically or emotionally tired by pregnancy or adjusting to life with a new baby, a new mum is likely exhausted. It hardly becomes possible for them to think what is good for their baby and their own health. For example how frequently they must breast feed their new born, and what should they keep a balanced diet while breast feeding. Our expertly trained nurses and other supportive staff can make her more comfortable, reduce her stress and help make the adjustment to this new life easier. Not only just providing the medication and injections to the new mum, but our service care package for healthcare at home also includes activities like:

  • Putting your baby on sleeping and feeding routine
  • Keeping baby’s room organised
  • Entertaining older siblings
  • Help mother to adjust to her new life
  • Post pregnancy care

Our home healthcare services are available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We do not charge beyond the justifiable prices for our services. Sublime can provide you nursing care in emergency care within few hours on all supportive home health care cases. To know more about our services you can call us at 04 3470504. For more information on healthcare at home you can pay a visit to our website at

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