Are They Not Entertained? Keeping Kids Engaged this Summer

Are They Not Entertained? Keeping Kids Engaged this Summer

My kids are so excited for their summer vacation… unfortunately, I’m not! Like many parents, this time of the year brings a mixture of emotions. Of course, I love the idea of my children being able to chill out and rest over the school break. However, I don’t want them to get lazy or rely too much on technology. I also don’t want them getting under my feet as I continue to work from home (heartless, you may say!). I’m determined they continue to learn and be active and imaginative. So, in case you are in a similar situation, you may get inspired by what I’ll have my kids doing this summer… 

Mini MasterChef

I’ll be helping my children develop their domestic skills by dedicating one day a week to show them how to prepare the family’s main meal. This will mean encouraging the kids to choose a dish (note: it must be healthy!), find a recipe that’s easy to follow, and shop for the ingredients required. Make them responsible for ensuring they have all they need and follow the recipe step-by-step. I’ll then crown them my mini master chefs and they’ll be proud of their personal achievement as well as gaining a new appreciation of the effort that goes in to cooking for a family.  

Comic Crafts

Here’s a way of taking crafts to a different level while avoiding any “that’s boring” looks from the kids! Suggest they create a Photo Album Comic Book… To start, photocopy a selection of photos- some of the kids, some of the entire family, the family pets, grandparents, etc. Then, encourage the kids to work together to tell a story by gluing the photos to a scrapbook and adding speech bubbles with imagined dialogue. This is an incredibly fun activity and a great way for kids to use their imaginations and enhance their storytelling skills while also learning how to collaborate with each other.

Outrageous Obstacles

To ensure your kids remain active, work together to create an obstacle course in either your living room or your garden. Use everything you can get your hands on: boxes, rugs, toys, chairs, etc. to assemble a series of obstacles the kids must jump over, climb under, and run around. (Please make sure this is done safely with soft furnishings and plenty of space!) Add some of their favorite music and this will absorb their attention for hours of fun!


Suggest your kids use your smartphone to create a movie or record a play. This could be done in one take or as a sequence… It can also involve them using some of their favorite toys are props. (Why did a Star Wars lightsaber spring to mind, I wonder?) If your kids are a little older, you can download an editing software like Windows MovieMaker and they can learn how to edit too! This is a super fun and creative activity that will stimulate them in so many ways.

Read, read, and read some more!

I can’t finish this blog without mentioning reading! For me, it’s the most important skill my children can develop. I’ll be bringing the kids to the library weekly throughout the vacation and encouraging them to write book reviews in their journals. I’ll also be thinking of fresh ways to incentivize them to increase their book count (maybe that’s considered cheating, but do we actually care!?)  

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