You’re Haven’t Lost Your Mind, You’ve Had a Baby

You’re Haven’t Lost Your Mind, You’ve Had a Baby
  • 03 Feb 2019
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You Haven’t Lost Your Mind, You’ve Had a Baby

You’ve given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. You and your partner have never felt so happy and blessed. Friends and family are telling you how lucky you are... And you know they're right! Yet, something that isn’t often spoken about is the adjustment period all new parents face. One day you are two adults living together in your own harmony, until BOOM! There’s another little person in the room, a little person who is totally reliant on YOU. Just as pregnancy can be as challenging as it is exciting, (as any parent-to-be will tell you!) so can adapting to this awesome responsibility. It’s common for new parents to feel overwhelmed at times... constantly analyzing your decisions and berating yourself all while being sleep deprived! It’s also common to feel as if you’re not coping. But, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is a conversation that needs to be had, so let’s get a few things straight...


You’re doing a great job!

It’s totally normal to question every little thing you do and decision you make for your baby. All we have to do is look at the range of baby products out there – it’s overwhelming! Take strollers, for example. There are infinite options. And, there really is no right or wrong choice (unless you’re an athlete, then you should probably opt for the running buggy!) Then, the more serious considerations: Should I breastfeed or not? Is my baby eating enough? How much crying is normal? Over thinking and over analyzing are real things. Try not to be hard on yourself. Remember, no one cares for your baby more than you, and you’re doing a great job.


You're learning all the time

You are new to this parenting game. Like everything else from playing the piano to learning a language, it's a skill you develop over time... and with practice, (and you're getting A LOT of that!) You've read the books, taken the advice, and listened to those who have been there before. Most importantly, you are now getting more experienced daily. And it's okay to make mistakes, (no, really!) That means you're improving and learning all the time. Remember, no one ever completed a marathon the first time they started to run. 


There is support if you need it

Every parent will understand what you're feeling. You are surrounded by people who can and will gladly help you. There are also professionals who can support you (even with the night feeds if you like!) It may be the most natural thing in the world to have a baby, but no matter how prepared you are, it can still be incredibly challenging. But it's definitely the MOST rewarding journey you can experience. So, keep your chin up, keep doing what you're doing. And please, please, don't be afraid to ask for support when you need it.

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