Get a Great Sleep with Your Baby

Get a Great Sleep with Your Baby
  • 02 Jan 2018
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It might seem counterintuitive, but babies are not born with the ability to differentiate between day-and-night. The first 3 months is spent developing this pattern, so being able to adjust your sleeping patterns to prepare for this is necessary. That being said, there are several things you can do to make the initial couple of months as comfortable as possible, so stress no more!

Make Your Own Sleep a Priority

Your sleep schedule is going to be disrupted, and your life is going to adjust because of that. Ensure you’re getting enough rest, first and foremost. Whether this means letting go of some tasks for the first 3 months, getting extra help from friends and family, so be it.

Routine Matters

Routine is vital for children of any age, but even newborns and older babies can benefit from establishing a loose schedule. Whether this is for feeding, napping or any other activities, you’re trying to teach your baby the basics of each day and this is the ideal time to start. Do not be disheartened if your baby wakes up at an arduous hour or cries, remember - it gets better!

Identify Sleepy Signs and Nap Together

When your baby naps, try to match their schedule during the day. You’ll feel refreshed for getting some extra time asleep and it could even help to build a bond between you. You’ll naturally learn how to identify signs that your baby is tired and wants to sleep, so feel free to use this time to tidy up, take some time out, or bed down too.


Mother and baby exercises are gentle, comforting and great for winding down. If you have an exercise schedule to keep your health and fitness up during the first few months of motherhood, great! This will help to keep your energy levels up and can stave off the blues of being overly tired. Remember to go easy on yourself!

Dim Lights At Night

Many new mothers swear by this technique. After the sun sets, ensure you have dimmer lights on during the evening to help you and your baby relax. The dimmer lights will send biological signals to everyone in the household that night is approaching and it is soon time to sleep.

While every baby is different and no technique will work immediately, these tricks might help to prepare you for the first couple of months with a new baby. Make sure you get enough rest, ask for assistance when you need it and get to know your baby as you apply these strategies to get through the first stretch. Good luck!

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