Is there a right time to get pregnant?

Is there a right time to get pregnant?
  • 18 Feb 2019
  • Lucy Holmes Sublime Nursing
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 Is there a right time to get pregnant?

Having worked in the baby and child industry for 4 years now I often get asked the question “when is the right time to get pregnant?”

For many women and indeed couples, this is something that they consider highly important, and if there is a so-called “magic” time.

I remember a veteran midwife telling me when I myself was trying to conceive “There is no right time” but, if that clock is ticking, and if you are already in an age bracket when fertility starts to wain, then time is key and of course a trigger to make it your no1 priority in life.

If you and your husband have decided together that this is the right time, then that is the right time for you, no two couples are the same however, and you shouldn’t jump into it, just because all of your friends are, it has to be right for you both and your current circumstances, and nowadays your financial situation is a serious factor more than ever before, when thinking of starting a family.

Of course therefore, there are “practical times” for instance, if you are a career woman, and you have already worked a few years, and have a period of work at your current role which entitles you to maternity leave and benefits, this is helpful.

But due to this, there is a steady shift towards women choosing to postpone starting a family until their late 30s and early 40s, once they have built up their career, and perhaps secured a good standard of living, but reducing their chance of conception, and increasing their medical risks.

Let's talk facts

Doctors agree that physiologically the late teens or early twenties are the best age at which to become a mum.

A few years ago, a sociologist from the university of Texas, John Mirowsky, who was keen to determine ‘the right time’ wrote: “That is when oocytes are fresh and the body’s reproductive and other systems are at a youthful peak.”

The medical and biological facts are that women in their twenties are least likely to have developed chronic health problems that would put them or their babies at risk, and they have the lowest rates of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, and infertility.

Having said that, thanks to the many options of fertility treatments that are available now women who choose to “Wait” and do seem to struggle at least have better chances of conceiving.

So I guess the answer is: you are married, you are fit and healthy, you are financially stable, you have a good living arrangement, and you are in your “fertile” years.

There is also the question of when to have the second and again this is a subject of huge debate, with a lot of parents wanting to give their child a sibling, as soon as they can, however sometimes life has other ideas for families, and this too can become an emotional and hard journey, as I myself know too well, having a 7 year gap between my two, something I never planned.

For every couple though, planning is practical, you can plan and you can actively be “trying” and for that, the best time, is only, when you are both ready.


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