About Sublime Nursing

About Sublime Nursing

Sublime Nursing offers a full complement of home care nursing services in Dubai encompassing every age and requirement, from our Maternity Care program that provides specialised home support at the maternity and newborn phases through toddler age and older ,also to all aspects of elderly nursing care like supporting those with mobility issues or age-related illnesses. 

We’re here to remove stress and worry often felt by Moms and Dads, allowing them to fully enjoy the experience of becoming a parent. By assessing the unique needs of each child, as well as your entire family, we’ll ensure the transition to parenthood, and beyond, is as smooth and peaceful as possible.


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Whatever type of home help you need, from maternity nurse, neonatal nurse, or postnatal nurse to an intensive care nurse,  travelling nurse or a hotel nurse, we can assist you with experienced, friendly, and trusted professionals each of whom is registered with the Dubai Health Authority.

At Sublime Nursing, we take pride in building trust with our clients. We aim to make your transition to parenthood, and beyond, as smooth as possible.

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