Tailored Services

Customized Private Duty Nursing Care

At Sublime Nursing, we will handle patient care upon admittance into the hospital, once you’re back at home and onto the moment that you complete outpatient care. Transitional care prevents a gap in care between the hospital and home, and Sublime Nursing Services makes it easier for patients and their families to find the right course of transitional care. Patients receive a free care management consultation with a Sublime Nursing certified nurse practitioner. Our licensed nurses coordinate a care management plan with each patient and the hospital’s provider team to ensure the health plan fits both the patient’s medical needs and their lifestyle.

Post-discharge patients and their families can feel secure in a continuity of care that fits seamlessly into the lifestyles of patients and their families. Sublime Nursing’s healthcare professionals transport the post-discharged patients into their homes, ensuring that their ride is both safe and comfortable. Once the patient reaches their home, our nurse will discuss the patient’s healthcare instructions with the family and educates family members about medication management and daily care. Sublime nurses serve as a liaison between patients and their physicians. Our skilled nurses will also contact patients and their families to maintain a high level of patient satisfaction during the beginning, middle, and end of their care plan.

Sublime Nursing also specialised in providing you with a dedicated night nurse. Whether you need a night nurse to help you take care of your new born baby in the middle of the night, or an elderly relative, Sublime Nursing can assist. This way, you will get your much needed sleep, and be alert in the early hours to assist your loved ones.

Call Sublime Nursing now to find out more about our night nurses, and other customized private duty nursing care services.