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There is no doubt, becoming a parent for the first time is a life changing event. It brings huge rewards and fulfilments but can also create anxiety, especially in those first few months after you bring your bundle of joy home.

It is only natural to feel overwhelmed trying to bring up a baby for the first time.  After all, they are all unique and they don’t exactly come with a manual!  You don’t have to handle this burden alone, Sublime is there to lend a helping hand and provide much needed reassurance and guidance.

Looking after Mum

A happy baby starts with a happy mum and no one recognises this more than Sublime.  This is why we offer a range of services designed to help with the emotional and physical demands of motherhood.  These include but are not limited to pre and post natal care, breast care, breast feeding consultation, bonding, coping with a crying new born and midwifery.

Our qualified nurses and care workers are there for you when you need them most.  Even if you are just looking for someone to talk to about any concerns you might have – they are there to listen, reassure and provide practical advice ensuring you are able to make the most of those first few precious months of your baby’s life.

Looking after baby

Sublime recognises that everyday tasks associated with bringing up a baby are not always easy to adapt to.   Tasks such as feeding and sleeping routines may be difficult to instil and as new parents, you may start to feel out of your depth.  The reality is that establishing patterns of behaviour is not an easy task and having someone there to help with this can really reduce the burden and stresses felt when things are not going to plan.

As well as helping with the everyday tasks, we can also be there to assist with any special care areas such as the eyes, umbilical cord and any rashes that may appear, alleviating anxieties and providing much needed reassurance. 

Looking after your children

Sometimes we are blessed with more than one child at once and our responsibilities quite literally double or even triple overnight!   Should you be faced with this eventuality, do not despair as our qualified nurses are there to help you cope and gain as much enjoyment as possible from being a parent.  Even if you are just looking for someone you can trust to watch over your little ones whilst you get some well-deserved rest, Sublime are there for you.

Perhaps your circumstances are such that this is not your first baby and you already have an inquisitive toddler to look after, or even school runs to factor in to this new chapter in your life.  Whatever and whenever you need us, Sublime are on hand to make your life easier. 

Looking after Mum and Dad

Becoming a parent is an exciting time but it is also important to remember your needs as a couple.  For many parents, one of the scariest things is leaving their child for the first time.  Sublime understands this and offers a highly professional childcare service so that you can comfortably leave your child in our care and enjoy some much needed quality time and relax.

Following the birth of your child and whatever your own personal circumstances may be, Sublime nurses are there to help.  So, it could be that you are looking to return to work and require a baby nanny or indeed that you are looking for some temporary assistance – say when you go on holiday or have an event to attend for example – Sublime have the answer to your needs and are on hand to offer help and assistance whatever they may be.