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General Care

Sometimes in life, it is necessary to spend time in a hospital in order to get the medical attention that we need. This time away from home can leave us feeling a little vulnerable and it is only natural that we want to get back to our own secure environment as quickly as possible.

We at Sublime understand this feeling and offer a wide range of continuing care services directly from your home. 

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Our stay in hospital may have been as a result of having an operation.  Whilst we are ready to go home, we may still feel quite delicate and not quite ourselves.  Even more importantly, we may have a period of limited mobility whilst we recuperate.

During this time, it is imperative that you allow your body the time to heal and avoid doing too much.   Unfortunately, with today’s busy lifestyles, we often do not adhere to this in an effort to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

This is where Sublime can be invaluable as by hiring one of our experience nurses, you can avoid the temptation or necessity of doing too much and jeopardising your recovery.  It could be that you are a parent and need help with your children or perhaps you live on your own and are looking for additional support, with wound care.

Whatever your particular situation, our dedicated team of nurses are there to lend a hand when you need it most and ease the rehabilitation process.

Pain management

Sometimes although we have been discharged from hospital, we can still experience considerable discomfort.  Often the pain can be alleviated by injections or other forms of pain management but to receive them, we have to endure further pain, getting to the required destination.

Sublime is experienced in this situation and our qualified nurses are able to come to your home and administer the pain remedy for you right there and then.  We can even provide IV therapy infusion if required. In fact, we offer as many treatments as possible in an effort to minimise your need to return to a clinic or hospital. Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements that you may have not already listed here.


It may be that our stay in hospital has resulted from a sporting accident and we are in need of on-going treatment in the form of a therapy. In addition to our nursing services, we also provide individual proficient specialist therapies.  These include both physiotherapy and osteopathy. They are able to provide these services directly from the security of your own home.

By hiring Sublime, you can avoid the need for further on-going visits to the hospital and clinic. Not only that but it is likely, the treatments will be more effective as you will naturally be in a more relaxed state whilst receiving them. Just one more reason to avoid the inconvenient and often painful experience of having to visit a clinic or therapy unit.

Skin care

It could be that your reason for being in hospital was related to a skin complaint and that you need further skin care once you have been discharged. Our experienced nurses and care workers understand and are sympathetic to all forms of skin complaints and will handle your particular ailment with tenderness and compassion – all from the confines of your own home.