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Elderly Care, Home Nursing, Private Nurse,

We all value our independence… as we grow up, we look to fly the nest and set off on our own. To experience all life has to offer and then settle down with a loved one, our home becomes our sanctuary and as the years pass, we learn to value it more and more.

The winter years of our lives can sometimes make staying at home a little challenging and it may be necessary to be cared for by our nearest and dearest.  Whatever the circumstances, Sublime can assist in making independence a reality for as long as possible.  Our dedicated team of registered nurses and care givers specialise in looking after the elderly and offer both patience and understanding to provide that welcome helping hand. 

Non-medical Care

Sadly, as we reach our later years, we may be faced with having limited mobility and feel quite frail and vulnerable.  This can make tasks that once seemed simple suddenly very daunting and even impossible without the assistance of others.  Whilst our friends and family are often willing to help, we may feel a little embarrassed or just too uncomfortable to accept their kindness.  However, we are still keen to maintain our independence for as long as possible.

In situations like these, Sublime is there to provide the necessary support whilst respecting the feelings of those that we care for.  We understand the desire to maintain dignity and to feel comfortable with an ‘outsider’.   To us, spending time getting to know you is just as important as the service that we provide.

So whether you are looking for assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming or even with enjoying a wholesome meal, we are there to help.

Mobility Support

For some of us, maintaining our independence is more about remaining active.  It may be that we led an active life when we were younger and we are keen to hold on to that, even if it is as simple as going for a walk on a regular basis.

Sublime understands this desire only too well and can be there to ensure that this form of activity is both pleasurable and safe, alleviating any concerns that loved ones may have had otherwise.

Alternatively, it may be leaving your home is something that you are not very comfortable with but need to do, in order to live a full life.  For example, you may need to attend a doctor’s appointment or collect some medication.  Our experienced care givers can be there to provide an escort and much valued reassurance.


Sometime the most important thing we are looking for is companionship.  It may be that our loved ones live too far away to visit regularly and we feel a sense of loneliness.  Our Care Givers are more than happy to come along for a chat or simply to offer a reassuring listening ear … whatever is needed. 

With Sublime, your needs never feel alone.