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A more detailed look at Sublime home-based healthcare

Q: What is Home Health Care?

A: Home Health Care is having a skilled nursing professional, provide supportive care within the home. This can be offered either on medical or non-medical basis and offers a viable alternative to confinement in a hospital. It should only be provided through a Home Health Care agency, such as Sublime.


Q: What is the definition of ‘skilled home nursing’?

A: 'Skilled home nursing’ is a term that refers to a patient’s need of care or treatment that can only be carried out by licensed nurses, directly from the comfort of the patient’s own home.  Care is offered on a short or long-term basis and covers a range of services including post-operative wound dressing, rehabilitation, dispensing and monitoring intravenous medications.  Sublime carries out stringent checks to ensure that its nurses are of the highest professional standard.


Q: Is sublime Home Health Care Centre registered with DHA?

A: Yes, as you would expect from a premium Home Health Care provider, we are licensed by Dubai Health Authority to practice under 164838/1682012/LS/DHA.


Q: Are Sublime nurses registered?

A: Yes, all Sublime nurses are licensed by Dubai Health Authority.


Q: Are Sublime nurses insured?

A: Yes, as required by law, all Sublime nurses are licensed and insured.


Q: Do Sublime staff receive regular training?

A: All Sublime staff are educated and trained to the highest possible standards.  To ensure their training remains up-to-date, we provide internal training for all of our nurses on a regular basis. 


Q: How experienced are Sublime nurses?

A: In order to represent Sublime, we insist on each of our nurses having long-term professional experience, including substantial in-home experience. It goes without saying that they must also have impeccable references in relation to their particular field of expertise.  As a growing company, Sublime is constantly recruiting to build its pool of candidates – all of which have diverse professional backgrounds and all to a very high standard.  It is this diversity that permits us to offer such a wide range of profiles to match your unique needs.


Q: I want to begin my search for a nurse with Sublime.  What is the next step?

A: Securing a nurse with Sublime is simple to do and we look forward to assisting you in your search. You can either complete this form and a Placement Counselor will get in touch with you or you can call us during our business hours:

Sunday to Thursday

8.30am to 5.30pm

to talk with one of our trained Placement Counselors or to arrange a personal meeting at our Dubai Office.


Q: Is it possible to hire the same nurse for each assignment?

A: We will always do our best to ensure that you secure the services of your preferred nurse. However, as with any service professional, it is always best to plan ahead as far as practical,  in order to avoid disappointment.


Q: What are the qualities of a Baby Nurse?

A: It takes a special kind of nurse to fulfill this role at Sublime as they must have extensive skills and experience in caring for babies from just a few days old to around six months of age. As well as having an understanding of the unique issues associated with newborns, they must also be able to provide guidance to new mums and dads on feeding, sleeping and breastfeeding.


Q: When should I begin a Baby Nurse search?

A: At Sublime, we suggest that you allow up to two months prior to your anticipated delivery date to begin the selection process.  This will provide us with sufficient time to ensure that we find the right fit for you and your baby.  Don’t worry if you have a more immediate need as we have worked with many families on short notice to find a great Baby Nurse.


Q: Does Sublime provide skilled hotel nursing?

A: Yes, we have a great pool of experienced baby nurses, child care professionals and skilled nurses located in Dubai. 

Our hotel nurses excel at:

  • Planning and sharing fun activities with new youngsters of all ages
  • Working with a range of families and children with different needs and personalities
  • Always putting saftey and health first. You can feel secure knowing you have the best care


Please get in touch if you are planning a visit to Dubai with your family and need assistance with either childcare or skilled nursing services. Even if you have a short-term or last minute requirement, our Placement Counselors are on hand to help schedule a suitable hotel care professional.