Definition of ‘home care’

Health care or supportive care provided in the patients’ homes by health care professionals

A straightforward sentence that describes exactly what we do but it doesn’t tell the full story.

Health Care

Firstly we are not just looking to provide ‘health care’.  Our aim is to provide health care of the highest possible standards.  In doing so, we want those that we care for to look upon our nurses and care givers as friends.  We want them to feel comfortable to open up to us, to know that we are not just there to administer medical treatments but to care for their well-being.  To view us as someone who listens and guides and treats them with dignity and respect.

Health Care Professionals

To deliver on our promise above, it is our intention to only work with the best nurses and care givers available. The best doesn’t just mean in terms of experience – no, we are looking for:

  • Special individuals who know what it is to feel vulnerable and can empathise, offering reassurance and support in equal measure. 
  • Special individuals who have both an ability to listen and engage in friendly conversation as required
  • Special individuals who simply love people and the notion of making their lives easier, whatever the circumstance

Patients’ Homes

It is our desire to provide care and treatment from the home making it conceivable for those who otherwise may not have been able to continue to live in their own home for as long as possible.  It is only when we consider the thought of losing our home that we recognise its true importance to our well-being.

Our Vision

To be the first choice of those who are looking for a home-based health care provider, by offering a complete range of cost-effective medical and non-medical care options within our community.

Our Mission

To dedicate ourselves to providing premium home-based health care to meet the specific needs of our clients, utilising well-trained and highly-skilled health care workers.